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Reilly MC, Zbrozek AS, Dukes EM.  The validity and reproducibility of a work productivity and activity impairment instrument.  PharmacoEconomics 1993; 4(5):353-65.

WPAI-GH Scoring

WPAI outcomes are expressed as impairment percentages, with higher numbers indicating greater impairment and less productivity, i.e., worse outcomes, as follows:


1 = currently employed

2 = hours missed due to health problems

3 = hours missed non-health reasons

4 = hours actually worked

5 = degree health affected productivity while working

6 = degree health affected regular activities


Percent work time missed due to health: Q2/(Q2+Q4)

Percent impairment while working due to health: Q5/10

Percent overall work impairment due to health:  Q2/(Q2+Q4)+[(1-Q2\(Q2+Q4))x(Q5/10)]

Percent activity impairment due to health: Q6/10